The AAA Ethos

I want to introduce you to a formula I live by – a culmination of learnings from more failures than successes – but more accomplishment than dreams. I call it the AAA ethos.


A is for Aspirations

Without burning goals and aspirations as they say, you’ll ‘die’ young and simply roam the earth until you actually pass away!

Always have goals which make you challenged and excited, and I encourage you to not just review these as new year’s resolutions – sit down and plan out your goals regularly since they will change over time. Plus, reviewing them regularly helps to keep you excited. Don't forget to share these, and even joint plan with your partner or family to increase buy in and chances of support and success.


A is for Attention

The universe isn’t a puppy – it isn’t going to come crawling at your feet and give you everything you want. It’s more like a cat that you need to get the attention of and interest it.

Everything you want you are going to need attention to get, and everything you don’t get, you need to take responsibility for making sure you do get more attention on.

This means getting the attention of possible employers when searching for jobs, it means getting the attention of your partner to-be and making them yours, it means getting the attention of your customers. It even means getting the attention of yourself and the universe itself by spending time on goal setting and continuous work to draw in what you want.


A is for Action

Too often in the past, I felt that large amounts of planning (procrastinating) would get me exactly what I wanted. I now realise that smaller planning cycles, followed by consistent action is the real way to achieve the things I desire.

To get your Aspirations together, you’re going to need to act NOW to set, reset or review your goals. To get Attention, you’re going to need to act NOW to make sure you cut through the noise and make sure your target notices you. The only way to avoid procrastination, fear of failure or outcomes, is to take Action on that which you desire, or fear taking action on.


AAA is for Energy 

Together, AAA represents your new found energy which will radiate from the Aspirations driving you, the Attention you are getting, and your momentum from Action.

However like any battery, make sure you combine high energy with appropriate balance and down time. I talk about this in many of my articles including ‘How To Work A 60 Hour Work Week’.


So what are you waiting for, starting taking a AAA approach to your life, and getting more of what you want, NOW.


Leigh Fletcher is a millennial sales executive, blogger and entrepreneur, with a passion for sales improvement strategies.

Leigh writes practical articles with a focus on leveraging personal experience to help others learn new skills in selling or simply refine existing skills. You can learn more at Leigh-Fletcher.comand like below to keep up with his strategies.