Not enough time in the day? Stop switching Stones for Sand...

As always let me keep it concise - and talk to you about a (very) old time management and prioritisation lesson that was passed on to me in my early days. It revolves around the story of Stone and Sand - to help you focus your life and work by visualising how you prioritise

Jar Empty2.jpg

Let's equate the time we have available in a day, week, life - to the space available in a jar (since we don't have infinite time!)

If we take our time (jar), and we fill our time on lower value things or activities first (sand) - the jar will be full with no room to fit in the stones (key priorities, activities - what really matters)


Jar Too Sand2.jpg

Jar Proper2.jpg

However, if we focus and plan our time around the key activities first (stones) - we can fit in the other activity (sand) around it easily


Plus - if you plan your stones first - you won't get that feeling at the end of a day where you did a lot but not what you really needed to! 


i.e. 1. Plan and execute on your ‘stones’ first. Let the rest settle around it. If you finish nothing but your stones, you are likely to be happy and effective. This applies to work, and to life in general (eg. prioritising family or health!)

2. Don’t procrastinate on easy/ low value things!

3. Start focusing today!