How To Be Like Tony Stark

Face it – everyone loves Tony Stark. Those who don’t are only jealous they aren’t him.

If you’re asking “How can I be like Tony Stark”,  or “how can I be like Robert Downey Jr.” – then read on and we’ll work through what you can do to become more like Tony!


1. Get Gadgets Like Tony - Tony simply put, owns some seriously cool stuff. Check out the top 8 tech gadgets you can use right now, or coming soon – to be more like Tony!


2. Be Like Tony:

  • Get facial hair
  • Get a cooler name
  • Don’t be anonymous (or modest…(
  • Feel powerful without needing powers
  • Be a jerk

More in this great article here!


3. Become Ultra Confident - some slick tips here including:

  • Talk slower
  • Control your reactions
  • Think about dying
  • Know your strengths (and weaknesses!)
  • Take on criticism
  • Dress to impress


4. What Does Tony Stark Wear?

Check out all the details right here!


5. What Cars Does Tony Stark Drive?

You might need to work on this one for a while – but you’ll need some serious cars to be like Tony.