How To Be Like Harvey Specter


Harvey is the ultimate symbol of precision, professionalism and quite simply - cool.

Here are the top ways you can be like Harvey.


1. What Does Harvey Specter Wear?

  • Be sharp in your dress - you’ll notice Harvey always has a clean haircut. When he wears a tie, he wears a tie. His shoes are polished, and shirt tucked in. Now, you don’t need to go and buy a $10,000 suit (even though I want to every time I watch the show). You just need to pay careful attention to how you look and be consistently clean – even if you don’t wear a suit for work
  • Here is a great article on how to dress like Harvey


2. Listen To Harvey’s Music




3. Learn How To Communication Like Harvey

  • Be sharp in your communication - Harvey is clear, concise and direct. He knows what he wants to say and what he wants to get out of it
  • Be clear in how you communicate. There is a good article here on the topic of effective communication.


4. Always Be 10 Steps Ahead

  • Plan your week out, on a weekly basis: Sit down Sunday evening and review what is coming up. What could you be more prepared for? Is there a meeting or event on where you could look prepared and sharp? This simple review alone will make you more calculated and effective.
  • Here are some cool apps that can help your planning.
  • Plan your next day out: The evening before, review what is coming up the next day. What challenges lie ahead, what could you plan for to get what you want? Let your subconscious work on it overnight!
  • Plan your meetings in advance: Schedule time for yourself for 20-30 minutes before key meetings and simply map out your approach, possible paths of conversation. What can you say or do to make things head your way in the very end? Harvey is amazing at blindsiding people by making step 10 his - which is all that matters. Work out where step 10 will be.


5. Be Accountable and Maintain Integrity - (When Harvey isn’t blackmailing people) – He does show these traits well.

  • When you are responsible for a team or a project – you need to be responsible in the good times, and in the bad. Putting your team under a bus will do you more long term bad than good
  • A great example of this was an episode where Mike makes a huge mistake and asks Harvey whether he is going to tell the firm about it. Harvey says:


“…Why would I do that. I’m responsible for you. It was me…”


  • Be strong when you know what is good for someone: Harvey goes to painstaking lengths to do what is truly right for his clients (and in turn himself). In the 3rd episode of the first season, Harvey ousts the CEO of a motor company because it is the best thing to save it – and in turn it benefits him and the firm – he doesn’t take the easy (polluted) money
  • In business, if you believe what you are doing or selling is truly right for the business, be confident moving upward and horizontal to find someone who will listen – that includes selling yourself for promotions!
  • If you are selling something you know isn’t right for the customer - even if your paypacket depends on it – you are better off acknowledging it. It will build future trust and avoid downstream pollution when issues occur

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