Selling You A Career In Sales

While the advice here is applicable to all graduates (and in fact most people) – many of you have or are considering the career you want to pursue.

One of those options is sales, and I speak from experience when I say how rewarding it can be for the right people.

Here are the top three insights into why you should consider a career in sales -

1. The skills you will learn…

  • A key skill you will learn in sales is motivation. In sales, the targets are set and it is up to you what happens. If you do nothing, you mostly gain nothing
  • The second key skill you will learn is time management. In sales you will often be juggling a multitude of things at once. You will learn to manage people, meetings, customers – all in the right priority to achieve your outcomes
  • Another great benefit of sales is the exceptional interpersonal skills it will provide. You will be engaging with hundreds, if not thousands of different people, businesses and industries. This will be not just external customers, but managing internal customers and your team members
  • Finally, you will learn integrity. This skill is exceptionally important in differentiating you from the stereotypical sales person. Since your livelihood is on the line to sell, it will be a true test of honesty in making sure you only sell things which truly benefit the customer and yourself

2. The career progression it affords you…

  • The combination of the skills you learn above will place you in exceptionally good stead to progress into any position
  • In sales, you can also use your own sales and negotiation skills to progress 
  • A substantial number of managing directors and CEO’s have some type of sales background

3. The financial rewards

  • To begin with and set expectations straight – like any career you will most likely need to start at the bottom and work your way up
  • However, the ride up can be very quick if you show promise
  • Unlike many other careers, you are on the front line – the risk allows you to have high levels of income possibility
  • It is not uncommon to be earning between $100,000-$200,000 within 5 years or less from graduating