Disruptive Resume Creation

Your resume is not an essay, but a concise sales tool which emphasises your key achievements, selling you enough to get to the interview.

Research suggests most recruiters will review your resume for no longer that 60 seconds – so you had better make sure it is relevant!


1. Focus on outcomes - not words

  • Focus more on the outcomes you have achieved in each area, rather than a simple list of tasks
  • Instead of going straight from personal details to work history – insert a ‘key milestones‘ section which concisely summarises what you have achieved above all else, making it relevant to the position
  • Use key words from the job description to pass the ‘first filter’ – i.e. where many HR departments with no specific knowledge of the role simply cross check your resume against the job brief


2. Be Creative

In the early days where you don’t have much experience - be creative! In my original resume submissions I had only worked at the cinema, and played soccer. eg:

  • At the cinema, I would look for chances to proactively resolve issues with customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and increased business
  • At soccer, I focused on the team work it fostered, and the winning of tournaments as testament to a strong team dynamic


3. Effective Structure

Get a feel for your own preferred style, however this is what I have used many times in the past with great success:


  • Personal details
  • Key milestones (high impact summary)
  • Work history
    • Key highlights
    • Role listing
  • Education
    • Key highlights
    • Education listing
  • Personal interests
    • Key highlights
    • Focus on parallel to position
  • References (Or “Upon request” if required)



4. Superstar Tip: Now, if you want to provide some iron clad backup for yourself. Take the time to develop a separate specific Role Alignment document. The document is around 4-5 pages and summarises:


Page 1: Your summary of the company

Page 2: Your summary of the role needed

Page 3: Your summary of your background and fit to that role

Page 4: Your summary of what you hope to achieve in the role


Bring the document to the interview – even if they don’t read it, it will do wonders for you.

Finally, review your resume (and/ or alignment document) to ensure it is specific to the job role and you will increase your chances of success.


Need further advice or have advice to share? Post here and let me know.